The number one function we provide for realtors is GREAT COMMUNICATION.

Let’s say you have a new transaction coming. You open escrow, and now you have 101 things that need to be taken care of. Escrow instructions, reviewing disclosures, reviewing the preliminary title report, advising on insurance, explaining the termite report, tracking down the HOA documents, discussing property taxes, impounds, closing costs, the purpose of appraisals, etc. You spend an astonishing amount of time fielding endless questions about a variety of topics. These are the just a few. And this is where many agents find great frustration.


Now enter J. Samuel Ross Realtors, a brokerage whose top purpose is to facilitate the greatest level of communication you have ever seen! We take on many of the tasks of communicating information for you. We do it with great thought about how the client will receive it. We break issues down to increase clarity. And we cover a LOT! More than you will ever see another broker do for you.

You are still the star of the show. But our goal is to accent that by bringing genuinely helpful guidance, advice and counseling to your clients in every interaction we have with them. Of course, if you prefer to keep us out of the routine discussions with your clients, we will work with you behind the scenes to make sure your client gets the great experience you seek for them.

A 2015 survey from CAR shows that the absolute number 1 complaint buyers have is the Realtor’s communication skills. With J. Samuel Ross Realtors involved, you have a built-in team that can increase your communication skills dramatically.
A 2015 survey from CAR shows that the transaction itself is the part that causes the most pain, stress and anxiety. This is where J. Samuel Ross Realtors can make a real difference.
  • Patrick Panetta
    I kept $3300 more in my own pocket on the same sale than I would have with my old brokerage.
    Patrick Panetta