YES! You can make a deal on the commissions at Dylan Raquel.

88% split to the agent, with a maximum payment to the brokerage of $1595. And that’s on each transaction.

0 %

but never more than

Per Transaction
$ 0

Big brand real estate companies want to make it sound like 6% is all they do. Or maybe they’ll do 5%, but really you can’t go any lower than 4.5%…..

Whatever they tell you, its NOT the case at Dylan Raquel. Our agents can make any deal with their clients that is legal.

As long as you are doing right by your client, and doing what’s in their best interest, at a rate of commission that is agreed upon and legal, you are welcome to make any deal you see fit at Dylan Raquel Real Estate. You don’t need our permission.

Here is what you need to know though. You already know about the high split you get at Dylan Raquel. And with that flexibility on making your own deals comes with a basis for the split with the brokerage based on 2% minimum.

So for example, if you sell a $150,000 condo at 1% commission.

That would be a commission of $1500. Your split with the brokerage would be based on 2% or $3000.

That means that the 88/12 split would result in a split to the brokerage of $360.00 and you would keep the rest.

  • Patrick Panetta
    I kept $3300 more in my own pocket on the same sale than I would have with my old brokerage.
    Patrick Panetta