Why choose
Dylan Raquel Real Estate?

Negotiating Freedom

You and your client decide the
commission together. You don’t
need “management approval.” If you
see an opportunity, seize it! If it’s legal, we’re with you all the way!

Career Freedom

Say goodbye to being turned into a billboard for the “company brand.” Instead, focus your efforts on building the “YOU brand.” That includes logos, signage, and digital marketing campaigns.

Earnings Freedom

1 sale, 10 sales, 100 sales. You never have to pay your brokerage more because you didn’t produce enough. The days of being treated as an inferior agent based on volume end here.


Benefits of Joining
Dylan Raquel as a Realtor

Just a few of the great benefits we offer:

0 %

but never more than

Per Transaction
$ 0

At a Glance

High Splits Immediately

Agents with 2 sales or more start at an 88% split.
And you'll never pay more than $1595 per transaction.

Control over commissions

No more begging for the broker's permission
on the fees you charge your clients.

Genuine Assistance

The broker is actually interested in helping when
problems arise. Even on weekends.

Brand YOU not us

We're not in it for you to be a billboard of our company.
We want the brand to be YOU!

  • Patrick Panetta
    I kept $3300 more in my own pocket on the same sale than I would have with my old brokerage.
    Patrick Panetta